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  With the advent of technology and the availability of smartphones, games are readily available. Gone are the days that one can only play video games through personal computers and play stations to kill time. While many studies have been done concerning the potential adverse health effects of video gaming, it is not usually highlighted the positive impact of video gaming, what is so interesting about games, and why we play and continue to play. However, many studies have been done showing the essential factors of what drives us to play games.
Added to that, there are also many benefits of playing video games, as backed up by studies. For kids, computer games may get a little help to their reading skills.
This is true even for kids who strive with reading and even when playing action games. Scientists think that this may happen because children need to sort out text commands to play. There's likewise a pleasant factor. Children who are reluctant to open a conventional book may race to read a site or web forum to get the most recent on their number one game.
For adults, computer games relieve stress. Play is fun and can trigger the arrival of endorphins, the body's common feel-acceptable synthetics. Endorphins advance a general feeling of prosperity and can even incidentally alleviate torment. These are some of the benefits of video games but getting addicted to them is a different story. It's incredible to do things you appreciate. However, would you be able to go excessively far with a pastime? Furthermore, when does it become a habit?
That is the issue specialists are attempting to reply about playing computer games. Even though gaming has been around for nearly 50 years, it has learned about its damages in the beginning phases. Various gatherings have arrived at different decisions about whether issue playing ought to be called a habit. But when it becomes an addiction, it's never okay.
Let's know about the facts:
To keep the measure of time spent gaming leveled out, attempt these tips for grown-ups and kids the same:
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