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Acknowledging one's pain and overcoming it is the core of the self-help book "No Shame in My Pain". Inspired by personal experiences, Sierrah Martika Chavis, MEd, MSc courageously shares her journey towards transforming painful experiences into an instrumental motivation to magnify self-love and resonate with optimism.
An active education advocate, Ms. Chavis is currently pursuing her degree in Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership at the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Prior to this, she earned her degrees in Master of Science in Special Education in 2019 and Master of Education in Secondary Education in 2018 at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2014, she has been exemplifying educational leadership, having served as a SPED teacher, counselor, case manager, and student service coordinator for various institutions. Furthermore, she is also an active member of several organizations, including the National Association for Social Workers, Teacher Advisory Board, VASCD Advocacy & Policy, Governance Board Disability Law Center, Urban League Of Hampton Roads, Teacher Voice Action Group, Diversity Day Facilitator, and Virginia Center For Inclusive Communities. For the past 7+ years, she has been dedicating her career to advocating equitable and inclusive education while galvanizing community partnerships to develop the students' fullest potentials.
While motivating her students to be the best versions of themselves, Ms. Chavis also inculcates the values of courage, empathy, and compassion among her learners, particularly those with special needs. She consistently exemplifies her steadfast commitment to providing positive and equal learning opportunities to make her students appreciate what they can do despite their personal struggles.
Moreover, she also amplifies the call for women empowerment by establishing WiGirls and, expanding the women support network while providing a venue to connect mentors and mentees. Disclosing her fair share of painful events, such as domestic violence, teen dating violence, miscarriage, cancer, and painful scars, her passion for stimulating the will to conquer traumatic experiences reverberates during women's conferences and live studio networks on social media platforms.
Indeed, Ms. Chavis is a game-changer in society, mobilizing groundbreaking initiatives to empower the community's marginalized sectors. Thus, her valuable stories and advice from this book can positively impact the readers' mindset, making them realize that overcoming pain fuels the profound love to rediscover oneself.
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